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Bedbugs can cause deep distress in people.  The thought of something hiding around their bed, sneaking out at night and biting them repeatedly when they are most vulnerable is enough to trigger fear and loathing in most people.

Supremely adapted to life feasting on their hosts bedbugs suck blood generally from the exposed areas of humans as they sleep ie head, neck, shoulders and arms.  Some people show no or limited reaction to the bites but others can show mild to severe reactions.  Some people resort to scratching allowing infection to set in.

Bedbugs can be highly resistant to even professional residual insecticides so it is important to mix different chemical groups and or ensure the use of professional insect growth regulators.  Growth regualtors ensure the end of the infestation as they interfere with the development of the insect so they never become adult and can then never be in a position to breed.

Many people hoping to cure themselves of bedbugs throw the bed away however it is unlikely all the insects will be in the bed and quite often the infestation is spread as the bed is bumped downstairs with bedbugs flying off in all directions.

To help yourself ensure all bedclothes are washed regularly (ie as many times per week as you can manage) at 60C or higher.  The high temperatures ensure eggs and nymphs are killed.  Lower temperatures just gives the bugs a nice swim and a warm bath.  Clothing should also be washed at 60C or higher as it is worn.  It isn't necessary to wash all your clothing in one go as the bugs are likely to be living within about 1-2 metres of the bed.

Bedbugs can hide in tiny gaps as narrow as the thickness of a piece of paper.  They can infest light and electric sockets, behind wallpaper... in fact pretty much anywhere.

Treatment is most cost-effectively a series of residual insecticide treatments.  Heat treatment is extremely expensive but possible.  Heat treatment often fails due to operative error and rarely works first time as is often promised.