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Don't let their cute & cuddly looks beguile you.  Squirrels raid birds nests for eggs and young and if they invade a property can cause much damage to wires and cables.

Whereas rats & mice gnaw wires & cables squirrels tend to strip the insulation from the wire putting the building at much greater risk from electrical fires.

Squirrels are a non-native UK species and so cannot be caught and removed from buildings.  By law they must be killed humanely and not released.

Live trapping is very cruel as generally the animal injures itself badly trying to escape.

If possible, call a builder or roofer to block off the access point (ensuring none are trapped inside) as the building will need to be made secure anyway.  This way you will avoid the cost of both pest control as well as the roof repair.

Dispatching is achieved by use of humane traps.