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Wasps are a common problem in mid-late summer and early Autumn.  Their diet changes from protein eating flies, maggots and caterpillars to preferring a sweeter meal co-inciding with ripening fruit.  Unfortunately for them they turn from being the gardener's friend eating many insect pests to a bitter enemy as they try to eat as much fruit as possible.
New queens leave the nest to be fertilised and hibernate over the winter and set about setting up a new home.  This new home can be in trees and bushes where many cause no issue to people at all.  Some wasps however build new homes in buildings - in lofts, sheds and around gardens - which is where they can cause problems with people.
Noisy mowers, pets or children can disturb wasp nests causing drones to swarm out and defend their territory aggressively.
As the wasp diet changes to sweeter things they are attracted to waste bins and picnic areas.  Wasps can also cause issues where people have open drink containers unguarded.  A wasp can enter the container only then to be drunk.  This can cause the wasp to sting at the back of the throat causing tightening of the airway and possible death.
If wasps aren't causing an issue or a danger to health they should be left alone as they are important pollinators.  Wasps die off naturally over winter and never re-use the same nest.
Treatment is by residual insecticide injected into the nest or traps hung outside.